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Welcome to Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of your child's education. Please make sure that your child wears sneakers and loose fitting clothing on the days that Physical Education classes meet. 

During the year, we will focus on movement experiences that progressively build towards the realization of movement skills. Through movement education experiences, children express feelings and ideas, which foster the development of a positive self concept.

Be Sun Safe

Please remember to be sun safe and apply sunscreen even on cloudy days.
Field Day
Field Day this year is in May in the afternoon.  We will start the activities around 12:45 and end around 3:00. Please remember to wear sneakers just like it was a for you. 
Jump rope for Heart
Great! The final tallies are in for Jump Rope for Heart! We collected over 10,000 last March.On behalf of The American Heart Association and the Physical Education Department, We thank you very much.
Sneaker Reminder
Please remember to wear sneakers on P.E. days.



Mr. Vincent Camizzi